I'm the Man in the Box

Howdy, everyone. Here's a little update as to what is happening in the world of DROID. First off, I will unfortunately not be attending Flatstock 53 in Austin this year. BUMMER. But that's it for the bad news. The good news is that I was recently involved in the 2016 Sizzle Pie Pizza Box Art Show here in Portland. The show was filled with tons of amazing artists with a range of backgrounds, so I was honored to be included amongst them. Take a look at my contribution and these are currently available in box form at the Sizzle Pie location down in Eugene, OR. 

There are a few new shirts in the works here at DROID HQ that will be dropping soon. You might have seen them on my instagram (@thedroid) feed or even won a sample one. Keep an eye out for the shirts landing in the shop soon. Also, there are more patches on the way too!