Hey there! As you might have noticed there has been a lot of action here at Droidart with the addition of new shirts, patches, and hats. The response has been mind blowing; so big thanks for all of the support. In case you might have missed something here is a rundown of the new items recently added:

All of the new items should be available in the store now, so if you see something you like go pick it up. In other news, we are planning on attending Flatstock 56 in Seattle over Labor Day weekend this year. See you there, maybe? 

How it's made...quickly

Hey All! Thanks to everyone that placed orders for the new Geezer and 666 shirts, you all rule. Here's a quick vid that I posted to my Instagram account (Do you follow me?) of the Geezer shirt getting printed. Check it!

I'm the Man in the Box

Howdy, everyone. Here's a little update as to what is happening in the world of DROID. First off, I will unfortunately not be attending Flatstock 53 in Austin this year. BUMMER. But that's it for the bad news. The good news is that I was recently involved in the 2016 Sizzle Pie Pizza Box Art Show here in Portland. The show was filled with tons of amazing artists with a range of backgrounds, so I was honored to be included amongst them. Take a look at my contribution and these are currently available in box form at the Sizzle Pie location down in Eugene, OR. 

There are a few new shirts in the works here at DROID HQ that will be dropping soon. You might have seen them on my instagram (@thedroid) feed or even won a sample one. Keep an eye out for the shirts landing in the shop soon. Also, there are more patches on the way too!


We just wanted to thank everyone that helped make this a great year here at DROIDART. Whether you bought something at a  pop-up shop, Flatstock, or tracked me down in person, or follow @thedroid on Instagram and shoot me likes: THANK YOU! You're Awesome. It's fun making stupid things that make me laugh and to have other people out there enjoy it too is an added bonus. So, be on the look out for more weird stuff in 2016 and thank you again for a great 2015.

Also, I updated the PIZZA ALBUMS II Gallery with new pics including MISFITS, BURZUM, FUZZ, and MASTER P. 

There are still quite a few Pizza Albums I'd like to do and I am always looking for suggestions for albums YOU would like to see. Feel free to email me your suggestions (droid@droidart.com) or comment on one of the photos on Instagram (@thedroid).

New Stuff In The Store!!!

Hey, Hey, Hey! I just added a bunch of new goodies to the webstore. All sorts of koozies to keep your drinks cold! Or warm, whatever floats you dinghy. 

Also, thanks to everyone that purchased something from the booth during Flatstock 51 at Bumbershoot this past weekend. It was a blast being up there and meeting you all.


I'm super stoked to show these two posters that I made for the wonderful folks at Sizzle Pie here in Portland. The posters will be hanging in the Sizzle Pie East location and are available to purchase, so head on down if you're in the area and get a slice and some art. The posters will also be available to purchase on Pizza Party HQ soon so keep your eyes peeled on that too! There are a ton more artists involved with this project and a bunch of posters to choose from, so choose wisely.








Heeeeyyyyyy! Head on over to the DROIDART store, I've restocked EVERYTHING. All sizes, all styles. If there was something you were waiting for now is the time to grab it. There are also a couple of new tees in the store! Just for you guys! Check out the Out of Pizza tee inspired by the Minor Threat Out of Time album and the Pizza Youth tee inspired by the iconic Goo album.

Don't be surprised if you get a little something extra in your package when you place an order. I printed up a bunch of mini pizzaalbum covers and they tend to find their way in to orders as a way of saying "Thanks for the Support!".

If you follow me on Instagram, thanks! If not, you should! There is ANOTHER give away coming up. It doesn't involve pizza, but it is super cool. Spread the word and FOLLOW @THEDROID !!! 



Thanks to everyone that came out to Flatstock 48 at SXSW this past weekend. It was great meeting a whole grip of new people and spreading the Pizza Albums gospel. This past Flatstock was the most successful one for me and I want to thank everyone who came through and purchased a shirt (there were a lot of you!), poster, art print, or sticker. You all rule and make it easy to do my thing. I look forward to going back again next year!!!!

Pizza Albums Gallery Updated


Howdy! Just added another batch of Pizza Albums to the site. Go check them out if you haven't already seen them on Instagram (follow @TheDroid). There are some fan favorites in this round such as this SLEEP album.

Also, I want to say thanks again to everyone of you out there that recently purchased a Riding Easy Records Pizza Worship raglan or other item from the web store. It is truly amazing seeing these things I make be shipped around the world. Amazing! You guys rule. There are a couple of new items in the works for the upcoming holidays so keep your eyes peeled!


FIRST, let me thank everyone that has purchased a shirt (from the site or in person) so far. The response to them has been great. You all rule. 

I also updated the Pizza Albums this weekend. Included in the recent upload are albums from Rage Against the Machine, Thin Lizzy, Asia,  Slayer, and a whole bunch more.  Check them out if you haven't seen them on Instagram yet.


Speaking of Instagram, I am doing a little giveaway on there. If you don't follow @TheDroid, give me a follow and do a little reposting with the #DroidPizzaTees hashtag for a chance to win one of my Pizza shirts.


And finally, there is now a DROID ART Facebook page. Click the link, head on over there and give it a like.

New Shirts UP!!!!

Hey!!! First off, I want to thank everyone who came out to Gallery135 here in Portland for the Art of Music show. Extra big thanks if you purchased a print from me. And a shout out to all my new Instagram followers, thanks for taking interest in what I do. If you don't follow me, I'm @TheDroid.

I've added 3 new shirts to the webstore. These are three of my favorite designs from the Pizza Albums project. Legacy of Pizza, Unknown Pizzas & Pizza Sabbath are available in a full size run of S-XXL, so we have you covered! I have also restocked the previously sold out Pizza & Taco Icarus Tees with a full size run as well. The shirts are currently enroute from the printer (INDUSTRY in Austin, TX) and will start shipping next week. Check them all out and pick your favorite to wear! 

Pizza Sabbath

Pizza Sabbath

Legacy of Pizza

Legacy of Pizza

Unknown Pizzas

Unknown Pizzas

Art of Music & MORE

HEY! How are you? There is a lot going on in the world of DROID right now, here is a quick rundown of what is happening:

art of music

This Thursday (AUG 7th) I will be featured in the Art of Music show at Gallery 135 here in Portland. The opening starts at 7 and there are a ton of great pieces available as well as a pretty swell DJ. I will have 4 full size (12") Pizza Albums in the show. Come on down if you are in the area. 

Also, there are 3 new shirts in the works as we speak, or type…whatever. Shirts are coming regardless! I will add them to the store as soon as there is a solid delivery date. Reprints in a full size run of the Pizza & Taco Icarus will be in the store as well.

unknown pizzas

Finally, I have updated the Pizza Albums gallery. There are 10 new albums, putting me at about the halfway point of the project. Go check 'em out and let me know what you think. If you have an album you want to see drop me a line at DROID (at) DROIDART.COM


Check out the Pizza Albums Project

Check out the Pizza Albums Project

Just updated the Pizza Albums Project gallery with 8 new albums. Added in to the mix are albums by Bad Religion, T. Rex, NOFX, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, Bad Brains, Mastodon, and Sonic Youth.

Also, don't forget the free shipping offer on all items in the webstore! Enter "freepizzadelivery" at checkout.

NEW Legacy of Pizza Mini Print & FREE SHIPPING

Hey Everyone, I just added a new mini print to the droidart store.



Legacy of Pizza is a single color screen print available in two sizes (4" or 6") and on two materials (100lb white cover or heavy brown chipboard). Get one now for that special pizza loving Misfits fan in your life! Get it HERE

Also, in celebration of the new site and store I am offering free shipping for this week on all items! Enter coupon code "freepizzadelivery" at checkout. 

Hello Again, My Friend.

As you might have noticed, there was a little update with the DROID art site. Have a look around and let me know what you think of it. Also, there is a new store so you should buy something.