Pizza Albums Gallery Updated


Howdy! Just added another batch of Pizza Albums to the site. Go check them out if you haven't already seen them on Instagram (follow @TheDroid). There are some fan favorites in this round such as this SLEEP album.

Also, I want to say thanks again to everyone of you out there that recently purchased a Riding Easy Records Pizza Worship raglan or other item from the web store. It is truly amazing seeing these things I make be shipped around the world. Amazing! You guys rule. There are a couple of new items in the works for the upcoming holidays so keep your eyes peeled!

Art of Music & MORE

HEY! How are you? There is a lot going on in the world of DROID right now, here is a quick rundown of what is happening:

art of music

This Thursday (AUG 7th) I will be featured in the Art of Music show at Gallery 135 here in Portland. The opening starts at 7 and there are a ton of great pieces available as well as a pretty swell DJ. I will have 4 full size (12") Pizza Albums in the show. Come on down if you are in the area. 

Also, there are 3 new shirts in the works as we speak, or type…whatever. Shirts are coming regardless! I will add them to the store as soon as there is a solid delivery date. Reprints in a full size run of the Pizza & Taco Icarus will be in the store as well.

unknown pizzas

Finally, I have updated the Pizza Albums gallery. There are 10 new albums, putting me at about the halfway point of the project. Go check 'em out and let me know what you think. If you have an album you want to see drop me a line at DROID (at) DROIDART.COM